Dom Collingwood

Ask anyone at MatchPint what I’m like and they’ll say I’m like a tight head prop: keen to get involved, big bum, questionable chat.

I love sport. Sometimes playing – tag rugby, table tennis, and darts. Always watching – rugby, football, Tour de France (ironic given I couldn’t ride a bike until 28 years old). I believe it is the single greatest religion developed by humankind. Our capacity to celebrate, commiserate, and chat rubbish about sport is unmatched by any other activity.

I also love pubs. They are the original social network – the place where people of all backgrounds, tastes, and passions come together to enjoy each other’s company over great food and drink. They are the cornerstone of British life.

In 2011, we founded MatchPint to bring our passion for sport and pubs together. We’ve been loving the challenge since.