Maximising Sport in Pubs

 Wednesday 18th April 2018 | Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge, London


The start of 2018 sees the UK’s pub sector on the up, especially compared to the on-going problems facing its casual dining cousins. With a Football World Cup this summer, the pub sector has a chance to ram home its current competitive advantage.

The last World Cup in Brazil generated £865m for UK retailers, including £116m for pubs and bars. Fans watching matches in pubs boosted beer sales by 12%, according to research by The opportunity is there, but are you ready for what should be a revenue-increasing open goal.

And what about the Rugby World Cup in 2019, the next Ryder Cup, weekly darts events, big boxing matches, and the bread and butter that is Premiership and Cup competition football games. Is you business geared up to be THE place for the local community to watch, enjoy and return to for all of these? Are you creating the best environment and atmosphere? And are you getting the best out of our drinks range and partners?

The MA’s Maximising Sport in Pubs will call on experts from inside and outside the sector, with some special guests thrown in, to make sure you have the best game plan and team in place to do so. Don’t be left on the bench.

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